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The Big Screen Port Glasgow is a wall-mounted 25m² paradigm screen which sits proudly on the side of its owners, Auto-Tec Scotland on Greenock Road. 

The Big Screen PG runs from 06:00 until 23:00 every day, allowing 17 hours of screen time for advertisements 365 days a year.

The screen is ideally positioned on the busy A8 – the main road through Port Glasgow – and is the most-popular advertising board in Inverclyde.

The 6mm paradigm screen is a dynamic advertising platform, providing a spectacular opportunity for businesses and community groups to promote their activities.

The screen features a thin bezel frame and 6mm outdoor LED, which is easily visible in bright conditions (ideal for outdoor use) and has outstanding picture quality (perfect for advertising).

Its bespoke content management system enables The Big Screen PG to have complete control of the content that is being shown or is scheduled to show, making amendments and installations easy to control.

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